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The door space

CA Wood-Side, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Djerassi Resident Artists Program
Moving-construction by boards and hinges
Length of one element 12 x 36 x 96 inches
Length of one element 31 x 93 x 248 cm
What is space? How can we explore the concept of space through sculpture? These are the theoretical questions, which unite my body of work and my interests as a sculptor. Working as an architect now, the door is a basic building block of my designs. I am starting with a simple element to examine: ways of thinking about space and our relationship with it. All rooms and spaces are connected by doors. Here we examine space by using an element, which is used to connect space.Complexity is achieved by connecting a series of these elements. The doors are hinged together, to form an expandable and contractible structure. The sculpture expands to encompass space or contracts, to relinquish it. Or it can do both at once. Starting with simple units and connecting them playfully, we can rediscover these familiar structures, space, and the new relationships that arise between them.